Relax and Prepare Season

Winter is the time plants rest, relax and prepare for the coming Spring. And this is the best time to get yourself out in your garden and take inventory. What do you need to change up? What do you need get rid of? We are doing the same. We're having a big clearance sale. Now is a great time to get unusual, beautiful and creative jewelry pieces.

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Every Piece Tells a Garden Story

Tired of finding only styles that are fashion focused?

Wearing jewelry that doesn't resonate with who you truly are?

Explore the beauty of nature-inspired jewelry that subtly expresses your love for gardening.

Shop our site to find jewelry that subtly expresses your love for gardening.

Yes please!

Break Free from Jewelry Norms!

As you are out shopping, do you find yourself drawn to the beauty of jewelry with flowers?

Maybe you find something with birds or bees that just sings to you.

This is more than fashion. It talks to the very core of what gardening is.

Step away from just a fashion statement. Unveil the unconventional you. Uncover the unexpected. A dash of fun, a hint of whimsy and a world of style awaits you.

Whimsey? I'm in!

Dare to Standout

Finding only fashion or trending jewelry while visiting little boutiques I nearly always left a little let down.

I started looking for something different. Something more earthy and alive. And I found it!

I discovered garden and botanical jewelry. It made my whole being sing.

And now it can make your being sing too.

Wear it as a way to embrace your identity as a gardener. Express yourself with jewelry that symbolizes your love of flowers, trees and all the bees.

It's more then fashion. It is a way to connect to your love of gardening.

I Want to Sing

Gardening Delights

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    As the leaves begin their colorful transformation and a crispness fills the air, it's time  it's time to turn our attention to preparing our gardens for the approaching winter. 

    One essential practice that often goes hand in hand with the changing seasons is fall pruning.

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  • Welcome to the changing world of gardening

    where blooms not only captivate us but also play a crucial role in supporting our precious pollinators.

    Pollinators in the garden 
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