Necklaces and Neckline

Necklaces and Necklines

Have you ever looked at a magazine or on social media to get an idea? Something special to wear. Something for that special meeting. Like a statement earring or layering on necklaces. What about cocktail rings or lots of rings?
 Are you then disappointed when that idea doesn’t look like anything you had in mind? Yeah, me too.  
You may think you just don't have what it takes when it comes to pulling off THE look. But that’s just not true. Knowledge is power. Let’s look at wearing necklaces. Either you have the wrong neckline, or the necklace is too long or maybe it’s too short.
What might help is knowing that different lengths work better with different necklines. There’s the Choker necklace. It sits close around the neck and is about 14-16 inches.
Off Shoulder NecklineCrew NecklineBoat NecklineOpen Collar Neckline

The necklines it works well with are off the shoulder, crew, boat and open collar necklines.

There is a Standard length (also called a Princess) it is about 18-20" in length. It's the "go-to" length. 
Lotus Mixed Metal Necklace
A V-neck, surplice or sweetheart neckline work great with the Standard length. Here at bt gardener our necklaces are Standard length
 V-NecklineSweetheart NecklineSplice Neckline

Matinee is 22-26 inches. Taller individuals or those with larger necks may find the Matinee length more of their go-to length.

This length of necklace works well with turtlenecks, collared and higher necklines. 
Turtleneck NecklineCollar NecklineHigh Neckline

Opera necklaces are 28"- 37". This necklace falls on the bust or a little below. It also works well with turtlenecks, and boatnecks. Depending on length and your build you may be able to wrap the necklace around the neck more than once. Creating a double strand or choker.

Opera Length Necklace

The Rope necklace is longer than the Opera. This is a perfect length to loop through itself to form a lariat.

Rope NecklaceLariat Necklace
Then there's layering your necklaces. It's all of these lengths at the same time. It mostly depends on what your personal preference is as to how much and how many layers.
Layering NecklaceLayering Necklace

But if you are going to be wearing a very low or plunging neckline or maybe a high halter neckline wearing no necklace may be the way to go.

Plunging necklineHigh Halter Neckline

Statement earrings may set off that dress better than any necklace. 


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