Three Reasons Why People Wear Jewelry

Pamela Pearl Silver Hoops


There are actually more than three reasons why men and women wear jewelry. I've only listed three of more common reasons I have been told as to why people wear them.

People may wear jewelry because it’s an extension of their style. Big bold earrings, necklaces or cocktail rings might mean you’re a fun and social person that likes living large. Some individuals wear minimal jewelry. Delicate chains, small pendants, charms, posts and studs as standard fare. Still others like to wear big or multiple rings on their hands.

Another reason people wear jewelry is emotional. A favorite pair of earrings from your sister, a wedding ring that your mother had or a necklace from your spouse. There are pieces that remind us of people, things or situations we’ve loved or difficult things we’ve lived through. Each piece can symbolize something such as strength, endurance, a fun day on the beach.
The last one is people wear jewelry because of their culture, faith or beliefs.

Many people believe that crystals and gems have powers that may have healing power. That the wearer is protected from anxiety or stress by wearing these pieces. Other items represent their faith. They wear jewelry such as crosses, pictures of icons, stars and symbols that help them feel closer to their beliefs.Whatever your why is, wear the jewelry that makes you feel happy about yourself. 

Be brave. Get that something that brings a smile to your face. Buy something that symbolizes a quality you like about yourself. Lift yourself up. Develop that muscle of taking care of yourself.  It’s okay to be your beautiful, unique self.

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