About Me


I'm Monica.

I started bt gardener because in this season of my life I wanted to have a purpose, something that would give me a reason to get up in the morning.

I was feeling a little lost, a bit rudderless and drifting. Perhaps a little depressed too. I had retired and it was not going how I expected. 


That's why I tried lots of things and had lots of ideas. But those things weren't working. This was showing to be harder than I had expected.  I needed help.

I kept looking and researching. Somewhere I had heard or read  to do something you love. I knew I loved two things. I loved gardening and I loved jewelry. 


I decided that jewelry might be the thing that would be my purpose. Easy to ship and lots of people wear it. Turned out to be not so easy.

It felt awkward.  I felt awkward.

I would rather buy plants then clothes. Dig in the dirt then have manicured nails. Read gardening books then fashion magazines. I was frustrated.

Along the way a friend suggested I focus on selling the jewelry I had  with flowers because people are connecting with them. And things started to shift.

I started connecting with jewelry that had a garden theme. Those items that had things like plants or insects or birds. That kind of jewelry just sings to me. They give me joy.

I love gardening. I am not an expert. My garden has lots of weeds. There are things that need to be trimmed or pruned, but it is such a joy. Being out there fills me with delight. I learn something all the time. It's my healing place.



The jewelry that I sell is like wearing some joy.  A little bit of the delight of the garden.  And that what you wear could just sing to you. Talk your language. Show the world that you are a gardener. And that is your superpower.

Drawer with herbs


Check out our jewelry.   Click here if you'd like tips for an easy herb garden for your patio or deck this summer.